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Belgian Bowl XXIV

Patrice Majondo Mwamba, former NFL Player, appointed Belgian Ambassador

The Board of Directors of the BFL had the pleasure to officially grant
Mr Patrice Majondo Mwamba with the titles of Ambassador the Belgium's American Football and Honorary member of the board of the Belgian American Football League.

The pro football experience and extended knowledge of the game of Patrice Majondo Mwamba will sure offer the whole Belgium football family a unique opportunity for development.

BFL Board of directors re-elected

With unanimous vote less one abstention, the general meeting of the BFL re-elected its board of directors for a new term of two years.

The board of Directors will be composed of Decoo Pascal, Iglesias-Alvarez Luis, Moreels Lesley and Richelle David

The development plan proposed by the board of directors in the framework of these elections is essentially focused on the development of junior categories, the reinforcement of the education programs and stabilization of the administrative procedures.

BFL Workshops

As indicated during the ordinary general meeting, the Board of Directors of the BFL will hold two workshops in the course of 2011.

The workshops will be the occasion for the members to actively contribute to the development of their Federation by providing ideas, remarks and participating in the setting-up of specific tools and systems.

BFL Workshop I:
Sunday June 5, 2011:
  National database - Licenses - Budgeting.
BFL Workshop II:
Saturday September 10, 2011:
  Schedules - By-laws - Rules and Regulations.

EFAF Bulletin - Read it here

EFAF Bulletin 

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